We officially support clients and service integrations that communicates with our Public API to enable simple deployment workflows.

Our recommendation is to install:

The latest Now Desktop is downloadable from our website.

Alternatively, install with brew:

brew updatebrew cask install now

The Now CLI is open-source and distributed as binaries. It is very frequently updated and embeds helpful documentation on how to use it.

To verify it's installed and get started, run:

now help

Run the following command to log in with your ZEIT account through Now CLI:

now login
Note: With Now Desktop installed, you can skip these instructions. Now CLI is packaged with Now Desktop and syncs login information and context between both clients. We encourage you to enable the option from within Now Desktop to install and keep your Now CLI up to date.

We distribute the Now CLI Binaries via npm, for convenience and ease of distribution. If you already have npm, which comes with Node.js, you can run:

npm i -g now

The Now CLI binaries are available from our website for macOS, Windows, Linux, and Alpine Linux.

These binaries do not need Node.js installed to run.

Use the official Now for GitHub integration to automatically deploy each push and alias the latest iteration on the default branch.

Now for GitHub can be installed from the account settings page:

The Now for GitHub installation section within the account or team general settings page.