For an in-depth look at how deployments on ZEIT Now work, see the following core concepts and what they do.

The lifecycle of a deployment determines its readiness to accept user requests and serve traffic. Read more about how deployments go through phases to ensure they are served with maximum potential.
Now deployments are immutable. Read more about this concept to see how it helps scale projects.
Now Deployments are always assigned their own unique and staging URLs. Read more about how they are formatted and how they work.
Now Deployments always have two special pathnames; /_src and /_logs. Read more about what they are and how they help with your deployments workflow.
Now outputs dynamic files as Serverless Functions. Read more about how Serverless Functions work for your deployments and the benefits of serverless.
Now comes with a fully-featured and automatic CDN for deployments. Read more about how it works.